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The concentration of 68 antibiotics in surface water in China is much higher than that in foreign countries
2021-05-06 16:58:49

A recent article published in the national academic journal "scientific bulletin" said that 68 antibiotics were found in the surface water of China, and the concentration was high, and 90 non antibiotic pharmaceutical components were detected.

The concentration of antibiotics in water in China is much higher than that of foreign countries

This paper is jointly completed by the research institutes of East China University of technology, Tongji University and Tsinghua University, aiming at the composition of drugs and personal care products in surface water of China.

It is understood that drugs and personal care products (PPCPs) include various prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs and cosmetics, and typical over-the-counter drugs include antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs and tranquilizers.

The article said that the top 10 substances studied in 158 drugs and personal care products investigated in China are antibiotics.

The article said that about 68 antibiotics have been detected in the surface water environment of China, and the overall concentration and frequency of antibiotics detected are higher, some of them are detected in Pearl River, Huangpu River and other places, and some of them are hundreds of nanograms per liter, while those in developed countries are less than 20 nanograms.

The article said that about 1300 kinds of chemical raw materials and cosmetics are produced in China every year, among which the annual production of antibiotics PPCPs is more than 33000 tons, which may be an important reason for the detection of high concentration antibiotics PPCPs in water environment. China is one of the most serious countries in the world, 70% of the drug production in China is antibiotics, which is only 30% in western countries.

"To pursue the speed of aquatic products cultivation, put hormones in feed"

Generally speaking, the discharge of drugs and personal care products in water environment comes from domestic sewage, pharmaceutical enterprises or industrial wastewater; Direct discharge or soil filtration of agriculture, animal husbandry and aquaculture. But in China, there are still some disputes about its main source. According to previous research, researchers have considered sewage treatment plants, livestock and animal husbandry wastewater discharge, pharmaceutical plants, hospitals and agricultural cultivated land as the main sources of pollution.

An official of the environmental protection system said that there are many problems in the surface water of China, such as the high content of antibiotics and hormones, and he thinks the main source of pollution is aquaculture.

Fish, crab, shrimp and other aquatic products generally pursue fast, put hormones in feed. And because of large-scale cultivation, in order to prevent illness, put a lot of antibiotics, and affect the water body. " He said that too much antibiotics intake will definitely affect health, but the current water body of antibiotics and hormones, to what extent, affect human health, the scientific community has not yet clear analysis.

There are problems of exceeding the standard discharge in both the medical industry and the aquaculture industry. It can be said that a large part of the rural pollution emission is brought by aquaculture. At present, the public is concerned about the abuse of antibiotics and environmental hormones. In order to solve this problem, in addition to pollution control, we should avoid excessive use of antibiotics.