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Circulating water treatment of process online water quality analyzer Fouling   The total hardness, total alkalinity and chloride ion concentration of municipal tap water in northern China are relatively high, so it is easy to form hard scale when using municipal tap water make-up water system. In the national standard of circulating water, the calcium hardness + methyl orange alkalinity of cooling water should not exceed 1100mg / L, otherwise hard scale will precipitate; Once the condenser scales, the exhaust pressure of the main engine will increase and the energy consumption will increase; When the cooling tower due to scaling cooling effect is not good, it will also cause the backwater temperature to rise, the exhaust pressure of the main engine will increase, and the energy consumption will also increase. Sludge   Due to the open cycle, a large amount of dust in the air is continuously absorbed, so that the mud content in the water increases continuously; With the acceleration of urbanization in China, there are more construction sites all over the country. These factors make the cooling tower easier to absorb more dust, resulting in more dirt in the cooling tower. The precipitated hard carbonate dirt is mixed with a large amount of dirt, blocking the packing of the cooling tower, resulting in insufficient cooling air volume, and reducing the cooling efficiency of the cooling tower, More cooling towers must be opened compared with the same period of last year, otherwise the return water temperature will rise, and the refrigeration efficiency of the unit will eventually become worse; Electricity consumption increases. Problems of bacteria and algae   There are a large number of anaerobic bacteria in the water, which can absorb and decompose the organic compounds in the water, and then produce a large number of excreta through metabolism. These excreta and dust form a large number of viscous sludge; In addition, the pH value, temperature, sunlight and other conditions of the open circulating water provide the basis and nutrients for the rapid growth of moss algae. A large number of bacteria, algae and slime adhere to the packing layer, chassis, pipes and even the main condenser copper pipe of the cooling tower, resulting in metal corrosion and reduced heat transfer effect; At the same time, Legionella and other harmful bacteria in circulating water will cause serious harm to human health. Process analysis instrument control part and regulation system   Based on the intelligent characteristics of online hardness water quality analyzer of process control analysis instrument, the hardness, alkalinity and chloride ion in water quality analysis are analyzed. The hardness, alkalinity and chloride ion concentration in water quality are analyzed. The instrument calculates the concentration value and automatically calculates the dosing time. It has the function of automatic dosing and automatically adjusts the hardness, alkalinity and chloride ion concentration in water quality Alkalinity, chloride ion content, etc. This is the process control system of water quality analyzer of Jingxiang company. [content of process analyzer water treatment system] ⇒   Scale inhibition and anticorrosion   According to the concentration condition monitored by the water quality analyzer, the concentration multiple is reasonably controlled, and the automatic dosing equipment is installed to realize automatic dosing, online monitoring of water quality and automatic sewage discharge. ⇒   Killing bacteria and algae   The analyzer automatically controls the weekly dosing of Bactericides to inhibit the growth of bacteria and algae; The alternative use of oxidizing and non oxidizing agents can improve the germicidal efficacy. ⇒   Desliming and decontamination   The analyzer controls to add slime stripping agent every month, and manually helps to remove the pollutants from the cooling system to ensure the refrigeration effect of the system; ⇒   Water quality monitoring   The process on-line water quality analyzer can automatically add chemicals once a time without manual sampling and testing. The analyzer can timely adjust the dosage according to the change of water quality to ensure the water quality up to the standard. Applicable fields: boiler softened water, air conditioning water, cooling tower water, power plant water, heating water, control circulation water, pharmaceutical water, industrial water, sewage water, tap water, etc