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Water extraction unit 1 water extraction device The water extraction device consists of water pump, pipeline, power supply flow rate regulating device, pressure and flow monitoring equipment, regulating valve, protection pipe and corresponding detection, control and driving electrical circuit. The system shall adopt double pipe and double pump design, one for use and one for standby. Water intake protection, with warning signs. The use of national standard cable, valve using imported products, service life shall not be less than 300000 times 2 water distribution device (1) the water distribution device meets the requirements of the analytical instrument for sample water flow and pressure. (2) the main pipeline of the water distribution device is in series structure, and the main road non blocking filter device is adopted, which is open and expandable. (3) in order to facilitate the maintenance of the system, the water intake pipeline of all instruments is equipped with bypass system. (4) the pressure or flow monitoring device is set in the water distribution pipeline to monitor the operation status of the water collection and distribution unit in real time, with remote control and alarm functions. (5) the pipe has good mechanical strength and chemical stability, long service life, easy installation and maintenance, and will not affect the water quality. (6) there is a manual water intake in the indoor part, which is convenient for water collection in water sample comparison experiment. (7) pipe emptying design is used to prevent algae from breeding in the pipe. (8) the water distribution unit is equipped with pretreatment devices according to different monitoring items. Overall design of water extraction The sampling head should float 0.5-1.0 m below the water surface and have enough distance from the bottom of the water body (dry season > 1 m) to ensure that it is not affected by the sediment at the bottom of the water body. The water extraction system shall be designed with double pumps and double pipelines, which can backup each other and facilitate maintenance. The submersible pump, self-priming pump or submersible sewage pump with good quality shall be selected to effectively prevent blockage, and the flow rate of the pump shall be more than 3t / h; When the outdoor water extraction pipeline exceeds 100 meters, the cable of the water extraction pump should be twice the diameter of the pump line to avoid pressure drop. The water extraction system shall ensure normal water extraction under the condition of continuous flow of the river (there is no water in the upstream and downstream 50m of the water extraction point). According to the change of point position in wet and dry seasons, the water extraction position can be adjusted dynamically. The trestle type water extraction method must be firm and stable, and can resist the impact of flood without being damaged. The water collection device shall be equipped with a cleaning and back blowing system to prevent the formation of algae and avoid affecting the water quality. The water intake should be provided with anti blocking measures. Water intake status can be displayed by flow or pressure and alarm can be given. The pipeline and circuit of water extraction system shall be installed separately. The material of water extraction pipeline shall not affect the water quality. Necessary waterproof, anti pressure and anti freezing protection measures shall be taken outside the pipeline. The electric wire shall be installed with casing. The depth of water extraction pipeline and circuit shall not be less than 80cm. Steel casing must be installed when crossing the road. All pipes in the substation building are made of stainless steel or PVC pipes polished inside and outside. The pipes shall be cleaned before installation. Reasonable flow path design shall be provided to facilitate disassembly and cleaning, and sufficient movable joints shall be provided.
System overview Wtf1300 series high integrated intelligent water quality automatic monitoring system, based on the normal surface water quality automatic monitoring function, highly integrated main function units of fixed water quality automatic monitoring system, strengthened intelligent means such as remote video, remote sensing field operation environment, remote diagnosis, remote maintenance, etc., in order to achieve the goal of unattended and remote management. It is mainly used to automatically monitor the water quality pollution of the administrative areas at all levels, the target management waters and other important water sections, timely grasp the water quality pollution status of the key sections of the main river basin, early warning, forecast major or watershed water pollution accidents, solve the disputes of water pollution accidents in cross-border administrative areas, and supervise the implementation of the total control system. System composition The automatic water quality station includes water collection unit, water distribution unit, pretreatment unit, detection unit, data acquisition and transmission unit, system control unit and station room, etc. the automatic water quality monitoring system is composed with the data collection and control system of central station. Performance characteristics Ø It has video monitoring system and power environment monitoring system: through setting liquid level sensor, pressure sensor, voltage sensor, temperature and humidity sensor, professional video camera, etc., the operation parameters, environmental parameters of water station and safety of water station are automatically and comprehensively monitored; Ø High remote management and maintenance: it has the functions of equipment operation monitoring, remote control, dynamic display and data management, reducing maintenance quantity, and effectively improving the operation rate and data efficiency of equipment; Ø Simple and practical: the station room adopts container or integrated station room, with an area of not more than 30 square meters, which is convenient for transportation and movement. The station room is made of color steel plate, which has perfect water supply and power supply, lightning protection and grounding, sealing and warmth preservation and network telephone; Ø The installation method is simple: the automatic monitoring system and analysis instrument are the same as the fixed water station, and the instrument is mostly wall mounted; Ø Wide application scope: it is applicable to the construction of water station with limited land area, complex geographical situation, short construction period, relocation or adjustment demand; Ø Safe, stable and reliable ¨ The protection measures of circuit and water circuit shall be strict, effectively preventing circuit fire and pipe bursting; ¨ All designs follow the principle of system stability first, and save manual maintenance workload to the maximum extent; ¨ The system is reliable, durable, anti freezing and lightning protection measures are perfect, and normal operation in harsh environment is guaranteed for a long time; ¨ Advanced multi-level comprehensive lightning protection measures effectively protect system equipment, communication system and instruments from lightning damage; Ø Standard detection principle and analysis method: the monitoring instrument adopts mature analysis method and advanced detection principle to ensure the consistency of measurement results and national standard methods; Ø Accurate monitoring data ¨ The water extraction unit is equipped with cleaning and algae removal functions to ensure the representative of water samples; ¨ Two automatic calibration modes, regular standard liquid comparison and over standard liquid comparison, are provided, which ensure the accuracy of the instrument and greatly reduce the intensity of online monitoring instrument comparison and test by the monitoring department; ¨ The remote quality control system has the function of linear correction to the water quality online monitoring instrument. It can modify the linear coefficient of the instrument itself according to the comparison of standard liquid, and ensure the accuracy of the instrument data; Ø Simple operation: manual and automatic process operation is simple, only five system control buttons can be used to realize the single step work of the system at any time; Ø Automatic sample retention over the standard: when any monitoring factor data exceeds the standard, the sampler can automatically save the test water sample, which provides strong evidence for subsequent cause analysis and responsibility identification. The water samples can be saved by setting the parameters of the sampler. This method is often used to obtain multiple time samples at one time when comparing the data of online monitor and verifying the validity of data; Ø High compatibility and scalability: compatible with the instruments and instruments of various manufacturers in the mainstream market, with stable performance, reasonable structure, low operating cost and small maintenance workload; Ø Multiple transmission modes: support a variety of transmission modes, Ethernet, 3G, GSM, GPRS wireless transmission and satellite communication interface, remote asynchronous multi-point acquisition, data acquisition and monitoring; Ø Small maintenance workload: unattended, automatic operation, automatic algae removal, remote monitoring and automatic calibration, automatic, stable and long-term operation, and professional operation services.
Functions of the software: 1. Monitoring data processing platform is an inclusive platform. Based on the idea of tow, the platform uses the mode of task flow driven workflow to realize the collaborative processing and automatic calculation of environmental monitoring data, and the automatic generation of monitoring reports and reports, so as to achieve the query and statistical sharing of relevant information and improve work efficiency; 2. B / S structure is adopted, with environmental monitoring task as the core and business process as the means. The functions mainly include monitoring task management, monitoring data process management, personnel authority management, monitoring factor management, laboratory management, quality control management, monitoring data management, etc; 3. Monitoring task management is able to assign various monitoring tasks such as routine, emergency, acceptance entrustment, etc. the task management is clear and clear, and can timely understand the personnel involved in the monitoring task, the completion situation, the monitoring results, etc; 4. Laboratory management can provide the calculation method, regression equation curve, national monitoring standard value of monitoring factors needed in the station, automatically calculate the experimental results, automatically generate the corresponding original record sheet, and support the small three-level audit system in the laboratory; 5. Establish the functions of emergency SMS notification, SMS reminder and message box reminder, and use them in the whole business process management of the monitoring station; In order to ensure the timeliness, security and reliability of SMS message sending, authorized manufacturers must provide SMS service access code certificate 6. Establish statistical analysis to realize the functions of comprehensive query data, statistical histogram, analysis and prediction trend chart, etc; The data of the central station of comprehensive statistical planning is calculated automatically, and the change trend of year, degree and month of the data is displayed intuitively and clearly in the form of graph; 7. Web server data interface is provided to realize software cross platform docking.
Principle and method of flow measurement: channelmaster H-ADCP is a fixed acoustic Doppler flow automatic meter for real-time monitoring of flow velocity and flow in rivers and open channels produced by Teledyne Rd instruments. H-ADCP can be used as an independent real-time monitoring system for flow velocity and flow rate by connecting with computer through cable. H-ADCP can also be integrated with other instruments and equipment to form a water quality and quantity telemetry station. At present, channelmaster H-ADCP has three frequencies: 1200 kHz, 600 kHz and 300 kHz, which are suitable for sections with different widths. Channelmaster H-ADCP measures the flow rate by two horizontal ultrasonic probes and the water level by ultrasonic water level gauge, so as to complete the flow measurement and calculation. H-ADCP can be used for flow measurement by index velocity method. The index velocity method is to establish the correlation between the measured velocity (index velocity) of H-ADCP and the average velocity of river or open channel section, that is, to calibrate the system with the measured data to measure the flow. The specific comparison and calibration method is to use H-ADCP to measure the flow velocity (index flow velocity) and other methods to calculate the real flow of the river. According to the water level and the known large cross section, the flow area of the cross section can be calculated. The average flow velocity of the cross section can be obtained by dividing the flow by the flow area of the cross section; At this time, the velocity (index velocity) measured by H-ADCP corresponds to the average velocity of the section. Under different discharge and water depth, multiple sets of index velocity and section average velocity are obtained. Through regression analysis (using the least square method), the correlation (regression equation) between section average velocity and H-ADCP measured velocity (index velocity) can be established.