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It provides users with data transmission and integration from field data analysis to final monitoring,

And process feedback control and other analytical solutions.


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    The knowledge system and product line of green ring's products in the environmental governance industry have a complete governance cycle. The products and services of green ring can completely include all links from the research and development of water quality monitoring to marketing, and can perfectly integrate relevant products into a comprehensive system through its own complete knowledge body;

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    Through its own development and experience accumulation, green ring pays attention to cooperation and exchange with universities, research institutes and technology information platforms at home and abroad, and makes full use of the scientific and technological strength of suppliers. Green ring can make science as its basis and understand technology. With the high level of system integration ability, various technical problems in process application are solved;

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    With the help of its complete knowledge system and gap analysis, green ring helps users to find out the improvement points in operation, design and develop customized solutions, and ultimately help users improve process efficiency, quality system and energy efficiency.