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It provides users with data transmission and integration from field data analysis to final monitoring,

And process feedback control and other analytical solutions.


We should protect human earth and environment, realize the coexistence of human and environment, and make water and air cleaner.

Green ring to adapt to market demand, to meet many areas of online environmental monitoring products, including water quality, air, soil, strong acid and alkali, oil and so on. The main products are: online water quality analyzer, automatic potentiometric titrator, micro moisture titrator, temperature and humidity sensor, oil and water analyzer, microbial online analyzer, etc. Green ring company is not only a manufacturer of instruments, but also provides customers with satisfactory and considerate after-sales training and service to eliminate their worries.

To become the best technical product and service provider for global water quality monitoring and monitoring enterprises

Green ring is a system integrator of environmental monitoring and management, providing software development and equipment application, gas environment and water quality environmental monitoring equipment and treatment, waste incineration and landfill engineering, sewage treatment technology and equipment, energy saving and environmental protection technology and equipment, intelligent agricultural application scheme, water environment monitoring system integration and construction, sewage treatment system and construction, environmental protection technology and equipment Waste treatment and landfill project, energy saving and environmental protection scheme, etc. It is a comprehensive large-scale enterprise integrating R & D, design, implementation, sales and service.