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Shutdown of water plant with excessive ammonia nitrogen in Wuhan section of Hanjiang River
2021-05-06 16:57:11

The ammonia nitrogen in Wuhan section of Hanjiang River exceeds the standard, which leads to the excessive ammonia nitrogen in the water quality of Wuhan baihezui water plant and yushidun water plant in East and West Lake area, which led to the production of ammonia nitrogen, and the two water plants were shut down for a time. On 24, the national cotton water plant in Hanyang District, Wuhan city was affected by sewage, and was forced to shut down for several hours because the water quality of the water intake was not up to the standard.

It is understood that the ammonia nitrogen value of Wuhan section of Hanjiang River is 1.59mg / L, which exceeds the national standard of 1mg / L. The emergency office of Wuhan municipal government said that relevant departments have strengthened water quality inspection, and sewage has not entered the urban water network, but the water supply water pressure in some areas has been affected, water supply has been cut off, 300000 people and hundreds of enterprises have been affected.

The water stop brings inconvenience to some residents. More than 20 residents in Kangju District of Wuhan City queue for water intake. These water come from the water plant of Maling. Lu boss, a supermarket near the neighborhood, said dozens of boxes of bottled water were short in less than half a day and were contacting to buy.

It is understood that Han River is the largest tributary of the Yangtze River, with a total length of 1577 km, which flows through Shaanxi and Hubei provinces. It flows through Laohekou City, Xiangyang City, Yicheng city, Zhongxiang City, Tianmen City, Qianjiang City, Xiantao City, Hanchuan City and other counties and cities in Hubei Province, and then flows into the Yangtze River in Wuhan.

At present, Hubei provincial environmental protection department and Wuhan Environmental Protection Bureau are closely monitoring the water quality of downstream water plants and fully investigate the pollution sources of Wuhan section of Hanjiang River.